Who We Are


Think Inc. was founded in 1996, by Dr. Promod K. Batra (1936-2016). He was a visionary in the field of management and has greatly contributed to the field of teaching management by making things simple and practical. He has successfully authored and self- published numerous books. Several of his books have also been published by large publishing houses like Macmillan, Full Circle, UBS etc. His books have sold over a million copies in India and abroad.

Think Inc. is a group of dedicated professionals who are sowing the seeds of positive thinking and self- improvement through conducting in-house and open house seminars and workshops, publishing books, creating unique corporate gift items such as posters, calendars, desk planners etc.

As it is generally said, numbers tell the truth, following are some of numbers which depict the success of Think Inc. in serving the needs of its clients:

Number of clients : 550
Number of Seminars and Workshops conducted till date : 11,247
Number of individuals covered through workshops and seminars : 10,00,000
Number of Books authored and published : 61
Management Books and Publications : 30,00,000

The above numbers are a testimony to the fact that the dedication and effectiveness of the trainers and professionals of Think Inc. has encouraged the institutional clients to use our services again and again. We at Think Inc. greatly value the patronage of our clients and strive to add value. We take the privilege to serve the learning and growth needs of the institutions and individuals very seriously. We look forward to serving you, effectively.