The Think Inc Way


Think Inc Seminars are unique for their simple and conversational style where everyday examples are used to bring active and positive change in people. Provoking thoughts by asking questions is the primary instrument through which participants are impelled to learn deeper meaning of issues and gain new perspective. As each of the trainers have the credit of bringing a diverse experience from their field of work, experience sharing is commonly used which brings empathy and trust in the learning environment. Learners find it easy and effortless to relate to the trainers for their non-authoritative approach and humble demeanor.

Story-sharing is another powerful and poignant learning tool used in Think Inc. trainings. It has been the central medium for conveying complex and disconcerting ideas necessary to change the mind-set, in an uncompromising yet simple manner. It is a more compelling, participative and effective route to drive learning as they are capable of stimulating strong emotions. Stories enhance and infuse facts with meaning and thus have a natural appeal to mankind as opposed to a strictly fact-based discussion .Stories not just inform and entertain, they can also admonish, caution and educate.

While story telling is based on listening, comprehension and empathy, roleplaying simulation brings the joy of experiential learning. It is a method which nurtures creative thinking as an added benefit, along with the learning of responses and reactions through enrolment. By giving plausible scenarios, learners are empowered to think, reflect and consequently, understand. As an extension of role plays, the Think Inc. Way includes activities and games for furthering specific learning.

Further, the Think Inc presentation is enhanced by powerful and relevant media clippings. As a vehicle to connect an idea through audio-visual demonstration, these clippings are an instrument of observational learning. When learners observe positive, and desirable illustration, they find it easy to relate to and therefore feel enthused to adopt the behavior themselves. The videos therefore make a symbolic point, where one may learn what to do as much as not to.

Questionnaires and discussions are used as a tool for self-discovery. These psychometric instruments are used to create more awareness about the self in the learner and also help break limiting beliefs and mental maps that they are being governed by.


Master Technique by Vijay Michihito Batra

A master of his technique, Vijay is known to “switch people on” – a technique that he introduced and has constantly been improving it since. “Switching on”, is a powerful technique that anchors the pillars of success and happiness which are:

  • To work with a sense of commitment not compulsion,
  • By creating more ‘want to’s than ‘have to’s,
  • Think of targets to be achieved as important and not difficult,
  • Function by creating better designs, and not by default,
  • Learn, don’t blame,
  • Take challenges as puzzles, not problems i.e. think; not worry,
  • Be in the ‘and’ mode not ‘or’, i.e. include don’t exclude,
  • Focus on essentials not inessentials,
  • Add strength not nuisance,
  • And live life by choice not chance.

The Think Inc. Way, to summarize is a progressive effort to transform the corporate lexicon by spreading positive thoughts and conscious use of positive language. It is passionate about providing Simple Ways™ to enable the learners live and feel their best everyday.