I would like to share a great feedback from the entire team of EXL. Vijay conducted an exceptional session for the EXL team on 4th Nov’12 at Jaypee Palace, Agra and I must say, the entire team was smitten by Vijay’s speech. It was the best session the team attended in years and so gripping was the session, that we just didn’t want him to finish the session.

Thanks Vijay, you definitely rock!!

Parizad Bharucha

EXL Service



It was a treat to attend Mr. Batra’s session yesterday.
It was just fabulous, too good.
He played an excellent T-20 game & the feedback from the associates is extremely positive.
Please do share my sentiments with him. We need to meet again, for sure…

Sanjeev Sethi

Area Director of Human Resources The Leela Palace



Thanks for all the support from your end. The motivational talk in Shimla was excellent.
Participants had loads of interesting learning's. The live and simple examples by Vijay really made the session much more exciting and effective.
Please keep sharing the latest updates with us.”

Deepati Thukral




It was truly an amazing experience to be a part of something that was lively, entertaining (it was hard to miss your true Punjabi by Nature on display J) and at the same time profoundly learning, especially the ones that you called out about the value of time with family and other such truths.
I look forward to attending another one of your sessions in the near future.
Thank you again and do continue to spread the good word….

Harkirat S. Bedi

Global CSMB Order Processing and query Dell | Global Business Operations



Mr Batra, sorry could not meet you on your way out.
Thank you for everything. You have made a difference to my team and you have always done.
On my road to racing ahead you have played a very important contribution.
Thank you once again Vijay and see you soon. Cheers! 

Mr. Jayesh Gadia

Cheif Operating Officer, Vodafone Essar Spacetel Ltd.



Mr. Vijay is a great motivational speaker as well as leader, he helped us in Organisational Transformation and Change Management in my previous assignments. I have seen lot of change in the attitude of people who had attended programs of Mr. Batra.He is very energetic and capable of handling any category / level of people.

Mr. Pramod Khandelwal

Cheif Operating Officer, JK GROUP



Vijay Batra is very Vibrant, Passionate, and Energetic. He is a great motivational speaker and has an excellent ability to manage large groups and kick up a positive response.

Alok Shrivastava

HR, Motherson Sumi Systems Limited



I still remember first time in 2002 when i met Mr. Batra and his first question during one-o one discussion to me was- ”DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF SUCCESSFUL’? I don’t remember my response now. But believe me that day onwards i never felt like i am not successful!
The kind of impact Mr. Batra makes to anybody and everybody is extra ordinary. His excellent ability to manage and engage large groups of people is simply superb! I am yet to come across a better Corporate Trainer than him!”

Gunjan Tiwari

Cheif Operating Officer, JK PAPER



I have attended his training session when it was arranged in Hilti india pvt ltd. It was a good experience learned a lot, he adds humour in trainings which keeps his sessions lively.

Divakar B.K




ENERGY – Thats a synonym i can use for Mr. Vijay Batra. We had invited him to address a group of 600 employee in one of our Management Conference. He had a time slot of 45 mins. For the entire 45 mins everybody in the crowd were glued to their seats and were enjoying every moment. Best part of his session was that it was full of adult fun with very useful subtle messages.
Very down to earth person. He got a standing ovation from everybody. It was a great experiance listening to him.

Kaushal Parikh