Sales & Services


Our power-packed Selling skills programs enable the participants to perform better as a Salesperson.These programs shed light on art and science of Selling and empower them to emerge as a winner in every Sales opportunity. Essentially focusing on developing three critical A’s-Attitude,Appearance and Approach, our Selling programs further delve deep into equipping the participants with probing skills and stimulate their minds so as to enable them to ask right kind of questions for effective closing.Persistence is the key to breakthrough Selling.Through our programs,the participants learn that a NO does not mean NEVER.Through the tools and techniques of Effective Selling that are taught in the program,participants learn how to overcome Sales objections,win over the Trust of the prospects,reduce their anxiety and make them see lasting value in the product or service they are offering to sell.

Our Customer Delight and Customer Relationship programs focus on building Customer Sensitivity and enable the participants to achieve excellence in enhancing the overall Customer Experience.The participants learn as to how to make a conscious shift from Customer Satisfaction to Customer Delight and how to add the Delight factor.The program introduces the concept of creating favorable Moments of Truth for every single customer interaction and encourages the participants to view every Customer Complaint as an improvement opportunity in disguise.Assertive Communication is another area which the program focuses upon.Crucial Conversations with customers often need to be dealt with emotional intelligence and assertiveness.The program also helps in developing an Attitude of Responding and not Reacting , thereby creating a platform to win over Difficult customers as well.