Rajat Batra


Rajat Batra has more than 18 years of experience managing manufacturing operations. He is actively interested in promoting Sustainable Development options and sustainable manufacturing practices (Cleaner Production) particularly in small and medium enterprises.

A person of strong entrepreneurial skills, Rajat has proven himself as a powerful leader with a highly motivational management style and ability to build and retain motivated team of managers and engineers. Rajat is intensely involved in scholastic pursuits and has presented technical papers at international conferences. He is a life member of prestigious institutions related to his area of work, such as Indian Society for Quality, Materials Research Society of India and Indian Institute of Welding.

Rajat is the President of STENUM Asia Sustainable Development Society, (the Organization is a not-for-profit registered society). He actively engages in consulting and training at clients for Cleaner Production projects. Acquisition of projects and promoting the concept of sustainable development options such as Cleaner Production as another of his key work areas. STENUM Asia has impacted more than 80 enterprises in India since its inception.

Alumni of:
Ohio State University, Columbus, USA (M.S. Welding Engineering), IIT- BHU, Varanasi (B. Tech., Metallurgical Engineering), Delhi Public School, Mathura Road.

The personal goal which I pursue through the training profession:
To facilitate meaningful change, particularly towards sustainable development of Indian SMEs.

The scope of training as I see it:
Training is a process of increasing the awareness of “what can be”, or expanding the horizon for the trainee. It is about showing the way, or the “how to”. It is meant to enable the assessment and evaluation of the progress towards the desired objective.

Building the bond of empathy with my learners:
with someone I have found that it is possible to connect with an individual by appreciating the efforts and progress made by them in spite of the constraints imposed on them. I am in the constant pursuit of learning from my learners. It brings us closer.

My leisure pursuits and stress buster:
In my spare time, I love to read. Whenever my schedule allows me, I travel. I particularly, like being close to nature. It rejuvenate my spirits and clears my mind. I have got many of my ideas when relaxing in natures lap.

Both of these activities enrich me in terms of awareness perspective and knowledge. Must I also add that it allows a better understanding of human behaviour.

My unique approach and method to make learning interesting:
I would not claim that I employ a unique approach, but the key highlights of my training are that they are very thoroughly and thoughtfully developed to give the participant maximum benefit. I ensure that my training mode is interactive and not one-way communication, which ironically training often is. I facilitate learning through lots of practical examples and case studies.

My most recent read:
“The world according to Bertie” a 44 Scotland Street novel by Alexander McAll Smith

The quotation which summarizes the principle I live by:
“You must be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

The quotation which summarizes the principle I live by:
“You must be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

Experiences that brought a turning point in my life and outlook:
One needs to follow ones dream … now and not wait till a “better time”.

My inspiration:
Nature’s purity and impartiality inspires the best in me.

My central message for the learners:
My central idea is to help my learners understand that the objective of business and life should be drawn from a long term view of sustainability. We should be willing to look for and deploy efficient ways of meeting those objectives.

Connect with me:
Email Id – thinkinc@successcorners.com