Sahi Soch Aur Safalta

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Do not treat every problem as a matter of life and death. All of us have some mental locks in our minds which are put in place by our parents, teacher, circumstances and the environment while we grow up. We grow up with a view that failure’ as such in any area is very bad. We have to reduce such mental locks to a statement of fact that failure-any failure, is only an event. Failures and successes are never permanent. This is the reason why I draw my inspiration from and iceberg, i.e. to use my ‘vision’ to ‘see’ under the sea surface-the waterline. Every failure is a problem and has to be looked at as: what can I learn from it? Rarely is there a problem which kills us! If a problem does not kill’ us, why do we worry or build up stress which would cloud our thinking and result in more problems? Author : By Dr. Promod Batra Pages : 151 ISBN : 81-7315-658-1 Size : 5½x8½ Pushlished By Prabhat Prakashan

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