Profitable Passion Discover the spirit of Entrepreneurship

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Never ever forget in your life, that your personality is only important to the extent that it gives you a short start, but eventually, it is the kind of ideas you have in your head and heart which will make you tall, taller and tallest even in your own eyes. And for this always keep your mental screen turned on: ‘Arjun and the Eye of the Bird.” Most of the us don’t! We want to squeeze in too many things and end up mentally confused! Success comes when we prioritize every night before we go to sleep. That way, from the moment we get up in the morning, we are already goal-oriented and are all set to optimize our working hours. A true entrepreneur uses not only his senses, one to five, but also six, seven, eight and nine. Six to nine, of course, do not really exist, but he develops them somehow or the other through his experiences, exposure, failures, let downs, sleepless nights. You name it – he has gone through ‘the works’! When the bug of entrepreneurship bites an entrepreneur he goes ‘crazy’ over a period of time. He has limited resources and has to think of creative and easy ways to scrape together enough money to put up as seed capital. Call him or her, a success or an achiever, but essentially he, or she is a person who has a passion, and the determination and persistence to take calculated risks. All these values may seem ‘theoretical,’ but it is the blending of these values, which give the final results. By Promod Batra / Vijay Batra ISBN 81-7898-421-0 Price: 200

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