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Great Ideas that transformed business It is our observation that all human beings are born to win. Entrepreneurship is one among the many methods by which man Endeavour’s to work. Despite the challenges, it is quite possible for one to become an entrepreneur. The fact is that all of us are born with equal intelligence and potential. However, only those are successful who avail of the opportunities life presents them with. When opportunities come our way, only some take the risk of grabbing them. And these are the people who succeed. In our opinion entrepreneurs, therefore, are not born or made but are self-made! It needs to be noted that, there are, in reality, no secrets to entrepreneurial success. This is so because success involves blending and mixing of values, skills, ethics, habits and many “unknown” factors. The authors in this book have adopted a unique approach. They have studied more than one hundred and four Indian entrepreneurial success stories and have presented the lessons from each story in not more than three hundred and sixty words. When you read these stories, you are very likely to get inspired and motivated to become an entrepreneur yourself. If they can do it, you can too! Entrepreneurship is no rocket science. It is, in the final analysis, an art. India is turning into a country of entrepreneurs since the era of LPG (liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation) in early 1990’s. The “proof of the pudding “is in reading the book! Don’t miss the entrepreneurial bus, and perhaps, some day you too may become a part of the book! Good luck! Author : By Promod Batra & Vijay Batra Pages : 128 ISBN : 81-86773-86-X Published By Think Inc

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