Simple Ways To Make Your Boss Succeed !

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This book will tell you how to become a good subordinate by improving yourself bit by bit, in every way, every day. It will help you to think outside your box Accept the need to further your career. It will help you to get more pay and more promotions years to come. What are the qualifications of a good subordinate? Simply put, they are: a positive attitude and unlimited enthusiasm for your work. A good boss wants his subordinate to be a positive thinker, an excellent doer and a good co-operator to get things done in the best Possible way with one eye on quality and the other on costs. Your job is to make your boss succeed. And he in turn will either pull you along up the management ladder or make you promotable in your current job or in your next job. It’s simple. Author : Dr. Promod Batra / Vijay Batra Pages : 142 ISBN : 81-86773-01-0 Size : 5½ x 8½

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