Think There is a Better Way

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Think there is a better way, is a compilation of my experiences. Over the years I have studied successful people, and their successful ways. The book contains my learnings from my studies and I have put them in form of anecdotes and tips that will help the reader understand better ways of fulfilling their responsibilities.

The best way of feeling great is to do great. Greatness can’t be inherited unlike wealth, it has to be learnt and practiced by an individual. This book is a humble effort on my part to share what I have learnt and practiced with the reader, for my desire is that more and more of us do great and therefore feel great.

Successful individuals and institutions have a winning formulae, while others who are struggling, assign their situation to adverse circumstances of bad luck. The fact is the successful people and institutions have had a fair share of adverse circumstances and “bad luck” but they succeed in-spite of all odds because of the insight or “success formulas” they have gained.

I wish each and every reader lots of success, and I invite them to my e- magazine

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