Apne Putra Ko Sabhi Chetron Ke liye Accha Banane Ke Saral Tarike

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Managing a son is a job, which looks very easy as the surface, but when you get involved into it, it becomes very challenging. But if you have more than one son – more difficult and if you happen to be in family business, you need one to nine senses, though six to nine do not exist but you develop them any how when you have to manage your son, thus challenge lies in making the impossible as beautiful as possible. In this book I have shared my own experiences and what I have learnt during course of my life long journey. I am no expert, and no one else is in the world, when it comes to managing a son. That is why it has been wisely said that: It is easier to rule a nation than to manage a son. It has also been said more wisely that: One father is more than a hundred school masters! Read book. Simple. Author : By Dr. Promod Batra Pages : 115 ISBN : 81-900457-14-2 Size : 5½x8½

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