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Seminars – Motivational seminars form the core work area of Think Inc through which they bring active and positive change in people. They are conducted all over India and overseas and have received immense appreciation for their easy conversational style where simple everyday examples are used to build perspective. The seminars use nuances of management learning and behavioral concepts to sow the seeds of positive thinking and self-improvement.

Management Desk Planner – Think Inc. brings forth every year the Management Desk Planner. An excellent corporate gift marked by its sheer elegance and functionality with additional customization for our clients through the insertion of their brand logo/institution name.

Online Store – Since the publishing of his first book, Management Thoughts two decades ago Dr. Promod Batra has written more than 60 books compiling common sense observations from daily life for readers. Among them are a number of books co-authored by Vijay Batra, who has added the perspective of another generation to Dr. Batra’s works. These books are available both in Hindi and English. Think Inc. brings a vast range of books on management and self-development. Vijay Batra has recently authored four books :
Switch On – ISBN 81-86773-90-8
Ideas By Konosuke Matsushita Founder of Panasonic – ISBN 81-86773-89-4
Think there is A Better Way – ISBN 81-86773-92-4
Inspirational Thoughts For The Mind – ISBN 81-86773-94-0

Think Link – is a monthly e- magazine which was introduced by Think Inc. in 2008 to further enhance the experience that Think Inc. brings through its trainings and books. It is informative, descriptive, friendly and multi-dimensional.Think link began with Vijay Batra’s idea to compile and share a sampling of relevant articles on various subjects which would sow seeds of positive thoughts. Mr. Batra hoped that Thinklink would be for the whole person and not restricted to the professional alone. From the time of its inception two years ago, Think link has been striving to add value to the tapestry of life. And gradually evolved a structure, which brings a collection of articles on what you think about when you think about living well. It helps people to live well while making a good living, it helps them lead a more enhanced and inspiring lives.