Dr.Nipun Choudhary


“Health is not valued till sickness comes”

The Person

Dr. Nipun Choudhary (15th January 1977) is a strong believer in good health, healthy lifestyle and wellness. He felt the need to move beyond the precincts of being a medical practitioner, and conducts workshops and wellness sessions for corporate clients. He brings an extensive knowledge of medicine and healthcare to his seminars and devotes himself to help people lead healthy lives.

Dr. Choudhary has compiled his expertise, observation and advice in two books:

1. Handbook on Wellness and Lifestyle (Part 1, 2 and 3)

2. A Handbook on Human Anatomy.

He regularly contributes medical articles to the journals of Indian Medical Association.

Dr. Nipun Choudhary is:

  • MD in Internal Medicine from Pavlov Medical University St. Petersburg, Russia,
  • Lifestyle Medicine from Harvard Medical School and Apollo Hospital, Delhi,
  • PG Diploma in Preventive and Promotive Health Care from Apollo Hospital (AHERF),
  • PG Diploma in Hospital and Health Care Management from Symbiosis, Pune,
  • M. Phil. in Hospital and Healthcare Management.

And is associated with:

1. “Wellness and Fat Loss” doctor with IAMS (Institute for Advanced Medical Sciences) as visiting faculty and was responsible for management of lifestyle activities of 800 doctors.

2. DAC (Delhi Aesthetic Centre) as a part of the team of anti-aging at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital.

3. He has been felicitated by International Congress on Integrated Diseases.

The Trainer

Since his association with Think Inc. in 2006, Dr. Choudhary has conducted workshops and open house sessions on wellness for the corporate as a part of Wellness Inc. which is Think Inc.’s special wing dedicated to serve the need of spreading awareness on wellness and helping people find ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Through these specialized interventions he has helped many individuals in achieving vitality, energy, optimum health and an improved quality of life. He urges people to be serious about their health through his motto that “Even people who aren’t sick may not have optimal wellness.”

Dr. Choudhary has been the source of positive change in the lifestyles of adults as well as children and the adolescent. He has conducted wellness camps to spread the importance of exercise and eating right as a way to fight obesity which is rampant in urban children due to their environment and sedentary lifestyle.

Dr. Choudhary reinforces the value of good health by explaining the connection of the mind, body and spirit and how essential physical well-being is to foster intellectual development. His programs help participants to focus on themselves and take their health condition with serious resolve. He brings them out of the ‘postponing’ mind-set by sharing realities which require immediate and diligent action. He guides them with the understanding one’s own body, lifestyle diseases, eating habits, exercising, and stress management.

He shares a valuable relaxation schedule in his workshops which helps participants to manage their stress levels which is essential to maintain optimum wellness.

Dr. Choudhary discusses simple positive changes in everyday habits one can bring about for a lasting transformation in the quality of life. He shares physical, nutritional and behavioral aspects of well-being. Participants gain a positive approach to weight management, choosing the right food over indulgences; and have found answers to a lot of their health-related doubts. In his specially formulated individual programs for individual needs, he discusses methods to rectify specific health challenges of his clients.

Dr. Choudhary finds motivational dialog as the most effective way to connect to his participants. Participants have reciprocated favorably to his positive speech and thus his motivational sessions on wellness have gone a long way in spreading awareness on wellness and good health among his clients. They have greatly benefited from his sessions as it has filled them with the desire to cultivate habits through which they can lead a good lifestyle.

His dedication toward wellness reflects in his tireless pursuit of helping everyone around him, something in which he finds great fulfillment.

His Client list

Ashiana Housing, CSC India , Eicher, JCB, Ranbaxy, Sony, Auryavet, Ranbaxy, Kamla Dials

Wellness Seminar conducted by Dr. Nipun Choudhary