Kidz Wellness Program


Children are the building blocks of the nation. The Kids Wellness Program is a gift of health to the children of our country. To grow, learn and lead a healthy life, children need access to healthy food, opportunities to be physically active and tools to support positive thinking.

A school wellness program can effectively raise awareness regarding healthy lifestyle choices they are making each day. It helps in promoting better eating and exercise habits, which can help students, have the energy and focus they need to do well in school.

Healthy, physically fit students have a better chance for long-term success, and studies also show:

1. Healthier children make better students.

2. Physical activity increases test scores.

3. Only nutrient-rich food can provide the essential building blocks needed for developing brains.

The wellness program adopts a holistic approach to health and lifestyle and aims to impart health and wellness values to children. Covering a range of wellness issues related topics such as psychology, sex education, beauty, general health, nutrition and food, sports and fitness, safety and hygiene, alternative remedies, and current lifestyle news including reviews on arts, books, products etc.

An early engagement of children in such programs is critical to ensure that these children grow up with a positive perception in their life.

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