Bhagwati Prasad


Bhagwati Prasad

Soft Skill Trainer

Mr. Bhagwati Prasad Sharma has a broad experience of 20+ years in the professional world. He also has extensive experience on vendor management and conducted soft skill seminars.

Professional Outline

Bhagwati is a Bachelors of Arts in Economics Graduate from Garhwal University. He hails from Ranikhet, Uttarakhand. Sharma is a seasoned professional with an experience of over 20 years in the field of finance and accounting in various organisations. He has been associated with Think Inc. in the accounting department for many years and is an expert in his field. He is also a Behavioural and Soft Skills trainer. He is zealous and dynamic. He takes challenges head on and has innovative ideas to overcome hurdles.

Sharma has energy that is infectious and is an eager learner. He is responsible, sincere and proactive. He believes in preparing, rather than reacting. He is inventive in his approach towards work and is always thinking of new ways to be efficient and more effective. This creativity flows seamlessly into his seminars.

Training Approach

His training approach is simple and humorous, peppered with real life stories and anecdotal fables, which enforce the message of dedication, hard work and motivation to his participants. He conducts dynamic workshops on topics like Zimmedari ki Shakti (The Power of Responsibility) for workers of the organisation. He builds trust with his participants to make the training more active and effective.

Seminars Conducted

His sessions are zealous and engaging and he has worked extensively in companies like NALCO at mutilple locations within India (such as New Delhi, Haridwar, Udaipur, Trivandrum etc).

Scope of Training

He believes in connecting with the audience to drive his message of the importance of hard work, sincerity and dedication. He believes in active participation and two-way communication with his audience. He actively gets involved in the participants during the interventions and customizes his training approach to meet the training requirements.